about us

Ayleys Comet was formed by 4 musicians from Northamptonshire in 1986 & were originally known as Roys Rockets; A local haulage company called Aileys Transport in Irthlingborough, Northamptonshire took an interest in the band, sponsored us and we consequently became Aileys Comet. The original line up was Mick playing bass, Ian on drums, Robbie on guitar and Roy singing lead vocals. In the early days the guys were predominantly rock and roll. Unfortunately, as happens all too often, the band folded in its original format and everyone went their separate ways; however our guitarist, Robbie, formed a new band with Ian the drummer and 2 others which lasted for approximately 8 years.

Aileys Comet reformed in late 1999 for a couple of fundraisers plus a Millenium gig, then after a while they decided it may be worth another go on the circuit, but this time without Roy as vocalist. A phone call from out of the blue gave the guys a chance for their 5 minutes of fame on the pilot programme on BBC Television of Jon Culshaw's 'Dead Ringers' - formerly a radio show. The programme was a huge success and the sketch the lads appeared in is saved for posterity on a BBC DVD of the first series.........the band's name got mis-spelt though in a poster done for the sketch and they became Ayleys Comet with a 'Y' instead of an I. It was decided to keep the name change and go back on the circuit on a regular basis which proved very successful. Many clubs were pleased to see Ayleys Comet back on the scene and continued to repeat book us. The band had always been a predominantly male line up but in a revamp in 2006 we took a chance on a young female vocalist called Hayley who had been 2nd in a BBC Television competition called 'Junior Star for the Night'. Hayley, whose family are all in the music business in one way or another, changed the dynamics of the band and breathed new life in to it; when Hayley left us in late 2007 it was decided to keep a female vocalist in the line-up and we continued with a couple more female singers from thereon. The band merged with another in 2011 but Ayleys finished again on a high!! The last remaining founder member of the band is still with us - Robbie - and for as long as he is there, Ayleys Comet will continue to be!!!